• Breakfast
  • Sandwiches
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  • Village Special
  • Veggie Sandies
  • Salads
  • Fresh Juice Bar
  • Smoothies
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Served with Fresh Seasonal Fruit.

A fresh butter croissant with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese & bacon.
El Greco
A fresh butter croissant with scrambled eggs, feta cheese, romas, Kalamata olives & fresh basil.
Scrambled eggs, romas, spinach, fresh basil, feta & our roasted red pepper sauce on a wheat pita.
Breakfast on a Bagel
Your choice of bagel with scrambled eggs, bacon, & herbed cream cheese.
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Egg whites, roasted turkey & sundried tomatoes scrambled and topped with avocado.
Jerry Scramble
Scrambled eggs with grilled chicken, Swiss cheese, tomato & red onion; served with quinoa salad.
A flour tortilla with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, ba-con, avocado, romas, onion & our roasted salsa.
A fresh butter croissant with scrambled eggs, turkey, swiss cheese, romas, avocado & dill.
Breakfast in France
A fresh butter croissant with scrambled eggs, brie cheese, bacon & our raspberry sauce.
Mediterranean Wrap
Egg whites, romas, spinach, fresh basil & our roasted red pepper sauce on a whole wheat tortilla.
Healthy Mexican
Five egg white burrito with turkey bacon, romas, red on-ion, avocado, spicy red sauce & our fresh salsa.
Sacks Benedict
A fresh butter croissant with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs & hollandaise.


Choice of Mixed Greens, Fresh Fruit, Pasta Salad, Quinoa, or Soup.

Fresh butter croissant with hot ham & melted swiss cheese.
Pita bread stuffed with gyro, feta, roma tomatoes, red onions, & romaine lettuce. Topped with tzatziki sauce.
A butter croissant with bacon, romaine lettuce, roma tomatoes, & avocado.
Chicken of the Sea
Albacore tuna salad, swiss cheese, romas, romaine let-tuce, sprouts, mayonnaise & Dijon.
Chicken Club
Grilled chicken, swiss cheese, bacon, romas, romaine lettuce, & mayonnaise.
Fresh butter croissant layered with our house raspberry sauce, melted brie cheese, roasted turkey, green apple & romaine lettuce.
Focaccia bread with fresh pesto, grilled chicken, swiss cheese, romas & romaine lettuce.
Buffalo Chicken Wrap
A flour tortilla with chicken, celery, romaine, bleu cheese & buffalo sauce.
Here’s the Beef
Roast beef, roasted red peppers, roma tomatoes, red onion, romaine lettuce & honey Dijon dressing.
Rosarito Wrap
Grilled chicken, jack cheese, cucumber, roasted corn & avocado relish, romaine & a cilantro-lime dressing.
Turkey Club Wrap
Roasted turkey, Jack cheese, turkey bacon, avocado, ro-maine lettuce, tomatoes & our cucumber yogurt.
Herbed flatbread with grilled chicken, feta, sun dried tomatoes, & roma tomatoes.

Other Stuff

Oat Meal
Topped with Fresh Seasonal Fruit.
Healthy Greek
Greek Yogurt & Granola Topped with Seasonal Fruit.
Fruit Plate
Fresh Seasonal Fruit.
Belgian Waffle
Topped with Fresh Fruit & Whipped Cream.

Village Special

Village Special
1/2 Sandwich & Soup or Salad.

Veggie Sandies

Choice of Mixed Greens, Fresh Fruit, Pasta Salad, Quinoa, or Soup.

Hummus in a Pita
Hummus, feta, cucumber, romas, roasted red peppers & romaine, wrapped in a whole wheat pita.
An everything bagel with herbed cream cheese, cucum-ber, romas, red onion, avocado & romaine.
Green Greek
A whole wheat pita with Greek yogurt, feta, cucumber, romas, kalamata olives, sprouts & romaine lettuce.
Avocado Sandwich
Avocado, parmesan cheese, romas, red onion, fresh basil & honey Dijon.
Roasted Veggie
Focaccia with fresh pesto, roasted eggplant & zucchini, romas & Swiss cheese.
Garden Delightful
A fresh baguette with feta, cucumbers, romas, avocado, kalamata olives, red onion, romaine lettuce & drizzled with olive oil & balsamic vinegar.


Add Chicken $2.00. Add Vegan Chicken $3.00.

The Goat
Mixed greens, toasted almonds, sun dried tomatoes & goat cheese. Tossed with our fresh basil vinaigrette.
The Greek
Mixed greens, romas, red onions, kalamata olives, cu-cumber, & feta cheese. Tossed with Greek dressing.
Romaine hearts, croutons & parmesan cheese. Tossed with our Caesar dressing.
Sweet Spinach
Baby spinach, blueberries, strawberries, walnuts & feta cheese. Tossed with our rasperry walnut vinaigrette.
Border Salad
Mixed greens, roasted corn, roasted red peppers, avocado, pepitas & jack cheese tossed in our cilantro-lime dressing.

Fresh Juice Bar

Add Acai or Echinacea $1.00.

Zoom Zoom Coco Pow
Carrot, beets, green apple, cucumber, spinach & ginger.
Ginger Ale
Carrot, Pear & Ginger.
Kitchen Sink
Carrot, cucumber, kale, celery, cilantro, jalapeno, apple, cayenne & sea salt.
Think Green
Kale, celery, cucumber, green apple & lime.
Good Day Sunshine
Cucumber, celery, spinach & orange juice.
Flu Shot
Carrot, orange, lemon & ginger.


Add 10 Grams of Protein to your smoothie $1.00.

Strawberry Banana
Strawberries & Banana.
Tropical Paradise
Mango, Pineapple & Banana.
Peaches & Cream
Peaches, cream, & vanilla.
Green Up & Go!
Kale, Banana, & Apple Juice.
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberries, Kale, Greek Yogurt & Apple Juice.
Build Your Own
Combined up to three of the following: Strawberry, Banana, Peach, Mango, Pineapple.

Espresso Bar

Extra Espresso Shot $0.75. Add Syrup $0.25.

Organic Dip Coffee
Café Au Lait
Espresso Con Pana
Red Eye
Espresso Macchiato
Café Americano
Cafe Latte
Café Mocha
Café White Mocha
Café Sacks
Espresso, Steamed Milk, Caramel Syrup, & Vanilla Syrup.
Chai Latte
Green Tea Latte